Our story.

Frazier Media was formed in 2005 by Christopher and Amy Veen Frazier, focusing on meeting the digital and print media needs of not-for-profit organizations wanting to create lasting connections with their audiences.

Amy brought with her years of writing and photography experience, having worked with high profile brands such as Wired News, Stephen Spielberg’s Starbright Foundation, and Art Center College of Design. Chris had been a founding partner in the Los Angeles based firm Web Plantation where he designed and developed projects for Gannett, Inc., Fox Television, and numerous educational, healthcare-related, and religious organizations.

In 2010, Frazier Media expanded into developing for and supporting mobile platforms, releasing phone and tablet applications that entertain, enlighten, and bring people together. Frazier Media works with amazing clients worldwide, from Beijing to Burbank, Africa to Azusa, providing a wide range of consulting and media services.

What we do.

Brand and Content Strategy

Product Design and Development

Marketing and
E-Commerce Solutions

Print and Digital Media

Corporate Identity

Social Media


User Experience Design

Mobile Platforms

Technical Support

Digital Asset Management Services

How we work.

How We Work_evaluate


The time we take to understand your audience, strategic goals, and organizational culture sets Frazier Media apart from most digital media agencies.  From user studies to staff interviews, we get to the heart of what makes you and your audience tick.

How We Work_strategy


With over 20 years of design studio experience, we’ve made a science of working with our clients to ensure their project stays focused on the core goals and connects in meaningful and visceral ways with their audience.

How We Work_iteration


Refinement is the heart of our process.  We work with you to continue to fine tune your message, visuals, and experience not just during project development but over the lifetime of your campaign.

How We Work_launch


Frazier Media walks with you during your launch to ensure your campaign is successful, working with our network of media buyers, technology partners, and social media gurus to get your product or message in the right hands, right now.

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